While most people either hate Apple or love them, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the company. I was a huge PC fan until I discovered the Macbook Pro. And I was a Google Android fan until I discovered the iPhone 4s. I loved the customization options of Google’s OS but hated having to deal with constant crashes, bugs, and freezes. After initially writing the iPhone off as the one-size-fits-all, boring-people smartphone, I soon learned of the immense stability and reliability the simpler iOS had to offer. Eventually, the utilitarian in me won over, and I converted entirely to Team Apple shortly after.

Next year marks a decade since Apple unveiled its (at the time) signature mobile device that could play music AND make calls.

The next few iterations made huge strides, pushing the forefront of technology and the standard to ever-increasing levels. The more recent iterations…not so much. With Steve Jobs gone, and the most recent annual update being an improved camera and an eliminated headphone jack, many of us are left wondering, is the iPhone really a big deal anymore? Well, the boys over at Silicon Valley have about a year to prove to us that it is.

Let’s take a look at what may be possible in next years’ iPhone 8.


For starters, let’s take a look at some of the planned display updates. For the decaversary, Apple plans to make some ‘radical’ changes, according to some inside sources. There is a good chance the display screen will be an all encompassing, edge to edge screen that kicks the home button and top/bottom bezels to the curb. Is this really an innovation? Maybe, but I think this is their way of trying to 1-up Samsung. They came out with the edge to edge display in their most recent phone line.

I would talk about the taptic engine here, but it was included in this year’s release of the iPhone 7 and 7+.

Apple does plan to use, however, self-illuminating pixels, or an OLED screen. This next generation of digital displays is a must-have feature for phones released in 2017. While Apple did not invent this technology itself, it would be wise of them to incorporate this type of display technology in their next generation iPhones.


Speaking of iPhones, will Apple continue to release multiple sizes of phones (like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+) or will they finally stick to one size? Personally, I think they should select one size and move forward with it. But apparently, the guys in Cupertino believe the more the merrier because rumor has it there will be three different versions of the iPhone 8.


According to industry sources, the TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), has begun taping out for the Apple’s A11 processor. These will be built on a 10 nm FinFET manufacturing process, a process TMSC is expected to be on the verge of achieving certification for. While the initial design has been completed, they are just a few tweaks away from having the masks completed that will be used in the production of the actual chips.


In tech time, Apple is undoubtedly very late to the party with wireless charging. It is nearly a must-have for the 2017 model if Apple wants to stay relevant and innovative. The question isn’t will there be wireless charging, it’s how powerful will it be? A big hint of this, in my opinion, was the removal of the headphone jack. It seems like the only logical next step.

So, will you be able to go 0-100 real quick? Maybe! Apple has been hiring engineers with expertise in wireless charging recently, and is rumored to be seeking a supplier for wireless charging chips. I’m willing to bet the large fruit company is going for domination here instead of a 1-1 matchup by striving for long-range wireless charging. This is a large obstacle to overcome because of the natural decreased charging efficiency with increased distance between the phone and charging source.

If they can achieve this within the next year, it would be a great selling point for consumers, and I think would cause many conversions to the iPhone. But only of course, if they beat Samsung and Google to the punch. I believe the planned annual September release dates make Apple predictable and effectively vulnerable to competition.


Now for the most far-fetched rumors and whispers being passed around about Apple.

Will you ever be able to look at your phone and unlock it? Some sources say an iris scanner is on the way, although it may not be available until further models.

Others estimate an increased storage capacity of the 2017 iPhone to 256GB, due to the increased storage capacity of the latest iPad Pro.

As always, there will be improved camera performance, with better low-lighting, wide angles, optical image stabilization, and telephoto & dual lenses. But who cares about all that stuff anyways, as long as it takes good photos, right?


Overall, there will most likely be some interesting improvements for the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. Of these being increased features and functionality, processing power, and wireless charging. But what will really separate the next generation iPhone from all the other options out there? What will make it a no-brainer for people deciding which phone to buy?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Tell me what you think below.