It seems that Amazon’s Alexa is all the rage and new fad for the middle-to-upper-class American, who can’t afford a human personal assistant and/or butler/maid. We have seen the various commercials at how convenient Alexa is. She can purchase household necessities via Amazon for you, look up movie times, play music; she can also hook up to the array of smart electronics you have in your home like TV or lights. All you have to do is give Alexa the command and it is done.

Alexa truly makes life a little easier for the family of 4 with both parents working and children active at school and in their community. She also provides nice perks like turning on and off the smart TV and dimming the lights to certain rooms. Alexa is better than Siri and the modern day technological advancement that is shaking up the mainstream, open to the public artificial intelligence (AI) community. With all of this convenience, who would not want Alexa in their homes?

The caveat, and probably the most crucial deterrent to getting Alexa… She is always listening. If you are paying attention to the tech world, you must have stumbled across the picture of Mark Zuckerberg with his MacBook camera covered and microphone port obstructed by now. What does Mark know that we do not? That is, someone is always listening and/or watching. Thus, leading us to Alexa, a device that is seemingly always listening.

Although her activation word is her name, Alexa, what is the device doing in the between “activations”. Does she go into a sleep mode? No. Her seven microphones are picking up every word that is said, whether you are across the room or right next to you, even while music is playing, in hopes that you drop her name to direct her to do something. So, where does all of this captured audio go? It goes into the infamous depths of “the cloud”. What is this cloud? It is a place in which data gathered by Amazon, in this case, is stored and kept at the ready to be recalled at any time.

So, with all of this in mind. Should you Alexa or not? Is this artificial intelligence device that is designed to adapt to me truly worth the $150? We here at TekiFeed definitely cannot answer that for you. However, we can provide you with the facts and allow you to make the decision for yourself. Whether “you have nothing to hide” or not, do you really want someone or something listening to every word you speak, every click of your mouse, or every time you scratch your butt?